New Orleans, and Things

The weekend before last I took my second trip to New Orleans and my first since moving to Biloxi (the other time was with Peter Waldman and other architecture students in early 2006). Not so much a high-minded humanitarian trip, as I didn’t make it out of the French Quarter, stayed in the fancy Holiday Inn Du Moyne, went to lots of restaurants and bars, and generally spent a pleasant weekend, way outside my budget, hanging out with Price and his friends from up north.

Trips aside, life’s begun to settle into some routines. Lunch at the fantastic Le Bakery (a Vietnamese-French bakery and sandwich shop) is a highlight, as is Tuesday night Frisbee at the Salvation Army. Thanksgiving’s coming up, and though I won’t be flying home, there will be people staying here and we should have a good time. Other than that, it’s mostly work, cooking, spending time with friends, developing foolish crushes on lovely short-term volunteers who will go unnamed, and generally enjoying Mississippi.

I wish everyone well, back home and elsewhere; I miss Virginia and my family and friends and I think about you (yes, you!) constantly (constantly!). One of my flaws is that I am terribly bad at keeping in touch, often with even my closest friends. But once I’ve developed a friendship, I never consider it more than ‘on hold’ until resumed spatial proximity can compensate for my retarded skill with long-distance communication.

Finally, I’m reading “The Kid Who Climbed Everest”, by Man vs. Wild host Bear Grylls, which is a fun and spirited book if you can read it without trying to imagine Bear reading it out loud (dramatic British accent, “I’m so thrilled to be writing this book, it’s such a great experience…”).

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