No, not that kind. Unless these houses are going into rehab for their terrible, terrible addiction to being in disrepair. This is a house in East Biloxi for which we’ll be drawing up rehab plans, and it’s one of the many that have sat mostly untouched for the past two years.

Fayard 1

Fayard 2

Sorry for the crappy quality, they’re cell-phone pictures. They show it well enough though to see the ugly stucco job (why you would take a beautiful wood siding and put this over it, I do not know) and the state of the interior. The second picture shows the view from the front door down through the oldest part of the house, a traditional “shotgun” style in which the rooms are single-file and you walk through one to get to the next (no hallway).

Pretty cool! Quite a job for whatever volunteer group ends up taking this on. Still, it’s balloon-framed and obviously strong, having not fallen down in Katrina, and it has a lot of beautiful old materials we can hopefully reuse.

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