Soy Bomb

Biobased 3

Just in time for Christmas, we’ve turned the inside of Patty’s house into a winter wonderland. Gulf South Insulation came in yesterday to spray a coating of soy-based insulation into the house. This stuff is pretty cool and has three main advantages for us:

  1. When combined with standard roll insulation that we will also be putting in, we will get a very good insulation factor, which will keep the house from gaining or losing too much heat.
  2. Because it sprays in, it will fill in all the little holes in the framing to give us 100% cover and increase airtightness.
  3. As a soy-based product, it’s more environmentally friendly and should not create any air quality problems.

More images:

Biobased 1 Biobased 4 Biobased 5 Biobased 6

(Left to right) (1) The mechanical workings of the spray system; (2) Insulation around the bedroom window box; (3) A detail of the insulation’s texture (it dries very hard, despite appearances); (4) The insulation seeping out in places, which is messy but means it’s filling in the gaps.

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