(Belated) Happy New Year

Happy 2008!


It was good to spend some time back home for the first time since I moved down to Mississippi. I’m back in Biloxi now, having flown into New Orleans late on the 1st. It’s surprisingly cold here on the coast, and our house’s heater is struggling, but we should be back in the sixties by the weekend. Work is starting back up: yesterday it was just me and David and Mike in the office; today we added Jody, and I picked Sarah and James up from the airport this evening. In some exciting news, construction is just starting on my first new house (Lendell’s) — Kiwi Brian and a group of volunteers began laying out batter boards for the foundations today. Brian also marshaled dozens of volunteers over the holidays in order to make significant progress on the interior of Patty’s house — pictures to follow.

Best wishes to all for the new year!

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