General Life Updates

  • Hands On’s 80s Roller Skating Party last night was a blast. Wish I had some pictures… hopefully others will make some available. Felt a little sore today, but still played Tuesday night Ultimate until we got downpoured on.
  • The rear window of my car was smashed while it was sitting in the parking lot at work. No clue what happened. Was it done with a brick? Was it done with a stick? Did they run very far? Why was it done to my car? I got it repaired today, putting me awfully close to having spent more money fixing the car than I did buying it.
  • Work is progressing with my new clients (the Lais). I am designing them a fairly simple three-bedroom house but it is taking a while as I try to figure out ways to make construction necessities and design elements harmonize (for instance, porches that could serve as construction platforms to eliminate some scaffolding).
  • I am getting people together to start a Spanish conversation group (called Tertulia… thank you to the Casa Bolivar at UVa). My Spanish is as horrible as ever but I think we will have a lot of fun and get some good practice. So if you are reading this and interested, come to Hands On after dinner (around 7:15) on Thursday.

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