2 1/2 Weeks at Rosetti (Part 2)

As promised, some photos of the finished products of the past 2-3 weeks of work. As the Mississippi State students are working at the house on Fridays, we’re continuing to make progress with trim, and we’re working on choosing materials for the floors, cabinets, stairs, etc.

jan08-161 jan08-164

The finished railing!

jan08-171 jan08-175

The finished mosaic!


Emily working on trimming out the ceiling.


Patty chose a rusty orange color for the beams. Very striking now but it will look great with the cabinets (which may also become orange) and the slate floors.


  1. i just have to say i am patti’s son, and i honestly can’t thank ya’ll enough for the hard work u are doing for my mom. and its amazing that ya’ll are documenting it on here for everyone to see how awesome ya’ll are. i can’t thank u enough. my mom probably cries everyday. and since this is happening and getting close to the finish, i’ve never seem her happier. again, thank u from the bottom of my heart.

    byron 🙂

  2. My name is Timmy & I am Patty’s ex. Thanks for your help & efforts to put her house & life back in order. After all Patty survived both ME AND KATRINA!!! (YOU decide what was the greater storm!!!) I live in PA but stay in touch with Patty on a regular basis. Thank You kindly for your efforts! God IS watching & will remember Your kindness. Thanks again.

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