Welcome home…

Back from Boston! No sooner do I pull out of the airport than my car gets rear-ended by an inattentive Chevy Tahoe. The accident crumples the trunk, smashes some taillights, and causes enough damage to the frame that the car is totaled. Nooo! My poor little car… I wish I could save it, but I can’t afford to. The other person’s insurance will pay me the market value of the car, but I’d have to shell out an extra $2000 to get it repaired. Man…

Anyway, Boston and the Structures for Inclusion conference were great, and I’ll have words and pictures about that shortly!


  1. Vince! So sorry to hear about your car. I thought I had it bad when I returned to Birmingham to find my car dead. Someone jumped it for me, and then it died again – in a very trafficky location! – again. Argh!

    Maybe you can reimburse the repair cost? Hah.

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