Update on Division

This isn’t my house, this is one of Jason’s, but as it’s one of the coolest projects we have going on I thought I’d let the wide world know about it. It is a house for Mr. Tran and his family and is being primarily built by Hopeforce. Today they had a contractor come in and spray bio-based (soy) foam insulation, which we also used on Patty’s house. In Mr. Tran’s they’re using a full coat of spray foam in the rafters only; this is instead of insulating the ceiling and then having to ventilate the tight attic space. The walls will be regular batt insulation because it’s a lot cheaper (the roof ran about $2800… but then it’s something like R-40).

Click below for more photos!

Living room looking towards kitchen. The ducts fit neatly in the small attic space on the outer edges of the shallow, inward-sloping roof:

The spray foam is wild — it goes on as a liquid that quickly expands into this snowy-looking, but solid, substance:

Boxed-out duct in the bathroom:

Another shot of the living room:

The central gutter, where the water will all run before flowing into a cistern:

The same gutter seen from the porch:

Exterior from the side:

Exterior from Division Street:

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