It’s Flippin’ Pouring

Summer days are pretty predictable in Biloxi – sunny and humid in the morning, hot and humid during the day, rain showers in the afternoon, warm and humid during the evening. Today, it’s just raining; it rained this morning as a warm-up, then rained more, took a brief break for lunch, and a settled in for a good solid four-hour downpour (so far) this afternoon.

The rain has, however, provided a great proof of concept for the roof across the street at Mr. Tran’s house. Jason designed the inward-sloping roof as the perfect means to collect rainwater, and it works like a charm. I’d guess that it’s channeling several gallons per minute at the moment.

Of course, all that water needs to go somewhere. At this point, it’s cascading through the scaffolding straight to the ground. But when the house is finished, it’ll need a several-hundred-gallon cistern to make the best use of all this rainwater. With hardly any prolonged dry spells here, that reservoir should completely satisfy all the family’s lawn and garden water needs. Pretty sweet!


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