GCCDS in ArchRecord!

The Gulf Coast Community Design Studio has a feature article in the October issue of Architectural Record! It even has a photo with the back of my head!

Biloxi Clues: The Gulf Coast Community Design Studio provides a model for rebuilding after Katrina

October 2008
By James S. Russell
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Almost three years after Hurricane Katrina pushed a 30-foot-high surge of water through East Biloxi, Mississippi, tall weeds grow along streets once lined with houses. Biloxi’s casinos have been reconstructed, larger than their former selves. Many residents have returned to neighborhoods that missed the worst of the flooding. But those weeds rise in the easternmost part of the city, on a low-lying peninsula where almost half the houses were destroyed. It was a neighborhood of modest cottages and bungalows, with longtime residents who lived in the same houses for decades shopping and attending church alongside newer residents, primarily Vietnamese, who had revitalized the city’s fishing fleet. Many lost everything.

Rebuilding after the disaster has been slow here, but no community has handled the recovery of worst-hit neighborhoods better. Its success has been due to a unique partnership between the Gulf Coast Community Design Studio (GCCDS) and the East Biloxi Coordination Center.

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Edit [10/3]: It turns out we’re also the cover story! Congratulations to everyone, especially Jason Pressgrove, whose project is featured on the cover.


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