Hung’s Dedication

On October 9, Project Rehab finally dedicated the house they have been building for Hung and his family on Crawford Street. Hung, his wife, and their three young children are very excited to be moving in. The best thing about it is seeing the work Hung has been doing in the few short weeks since he has moved in. He’s added gates at the stairs, created a brick patio and storage area below the house, built shelving for plants on the porch, and added a shed roof over part of the back roof.

Sadly for me, I’ve never been happy with my photographs of the house, but here are a few okay ones that I took at the dedication:

Bart, the director of Project Rehab, and Ann, the new AmeriCorps coordinator at Hands On, chat in the living room:

The hallway leading to the master bedroom is filled with toys:

The first thing people notice about the house is its copious porch space. It’s an added expense, but the added value for the family is clear. Members of the Women In Construction work training program gather on the front porch after the dedication:

Right to left: The homeowner, Bart, and Project Rehab construction manager Brian gather on the front porch:

The small master bedroom porch:

Zack, a Hands On AmeriCorps member, has been working on this house with Project Rehab since nearly the beginning:

The space under an elevated house becomes usable. In this case, Project Rehab didn’t extend the driveway under the house, but perhaps the homeowner will choose to. His do-it-yourself additions already include this brick-paved storage space:

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