Status Update: Last Day of AmeriCorps

Big life news: My AmeriCorps contract with Hands On Gulf Coast is finished on November 23, which makes today my last (official) day of work. (Last I checked, I had 286 extra hours on top of the 1700 I’m required to complete.) Despite the turbulence of its organizational transition, being with Hands On has been a great experience and I’ll miss being a part of that.

I plan to stay in Biloxi for Thanksgiving, and probably through the first week of December. I’ll be wrapping up projects and organizing things before I head home for a nice three- or four-week Christmas vacation. After all, I haven’t been back in a year, and I miss my friends and family.

Come January, my plans are less definite. I may get a staff position here at the GCCDS, which would pay better than AmeriCorps and allow me to continue this work. As far as other options, my areas of interest are pretty large: design, design/build, community-based design, sustainability, and more. I’m open to hearing about any interesting ideas, dear millions of readers.

So, hit me up with career thoughts. I’ve always felt it’s best not to plan too far in advance, but in practice, it’s also scary. And hit me up if you’ll be around Virginia or Mississippi in the next month or two.


  1. I’ll be driving through Biloxi on the morning of Sunday, Nov.30th..(on my way to start my own Americorps gig)..would you be interested in breakfast with me, my cat, and my road-trip friend? And if you are, are there any other left-over Hands On-ers that you could possibly round up to come along? No pressure, Beaudua.

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