And… I’m Back!

Once you stop writing for even a couple days, it’s easy to fall into that bad habit. Life has been eventful recently; there’s plenty to write about, if I can get around to it. There was my parents’ visit in February, a great architecture conference in Dallas called Structures for Inclusion, and more discussions about the mission and values of the GCCDS. Carmen’s house has made a lot of progress, as has the Trace, which is turning out to be a wonderful project. Spring in Biloxi brings all kinds of excitement: I flooded my car in a ditch, saw an air show, weeded the garden, ate a lot of crawfish. We added more movies to the bad movie compendium: Magus, The Warriors, and Revenge of the Ninja, to name a few. Will and KC moved out, Alan moved in. And still, the year is young.

Over the upcoming weeks, I plan to get back to regular posting. Make sure to check in, or use the handy RSS feed to keep appraised of what’s new. And please share your own blog or site if you have one! Happy reading.

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