Moss Point Exhibit, 2

As part of the upcoming Moss Point exhibit, I’ve been working on five renderings highlighting various aspects of the plan for downtown Moss Point, Mississippi. It took about 50-60 hours to get them ready; I used color pencils combined computer renderings produced by Seth. There’s a lot of energy going into this exhibit, so we hope it will be well attended! See the Sun Herald article for more information. Without further ado, here are some of the images:

A section-perspective cut through Moss Point’s downtown, through the waterfront and the new City Hall:


A view of the proposed civic and commercial core of downtown:


A view along Main Street approaching downtown from the northwest, with the marina, riverwalk, town green, and pavilion visible at left:


The Moss Point waterfront, including riverwalk, marina, and pavilion:


Town green as seen looking across the steps of the new City Hall:



  1. these are incredible vince! i particularly enjoy the shadows in the last one 🙂

    keep up the stellar work, i can’t way to see how it all turns out (whenever that may be)!

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