Chronicles of Hope


Several months ago, I helped the Hope CDA redesign their monthly newsletter, which goes out to clients and East Biloxi residents.

The new 6-page design features a clean and friendly style and showcases the various activities of the agency. Page 1 features the director’s column and a main article, while page 2 goes “Inside the Hope CDA,” with articles featuring the agency’s activities and contact information for the staff. Pages 3 and 4 are a single-sheet insert (which can be removed and placed on a refrigerator) with a calendar and articles focusing on the local East Biloxi community. Page 5 provides space for one or more in-depth articles, while the back page highlights upcoming events and at-a-glance information.

A newsletter is a common tool that an organization can use to stay in touch with its constituency. However, the Chronicles of Hope has the potential to be more, because “Hope” refers to more than just the Hope CDA. It refers to the hope that has sustained this community throughout the rebuilding effort and will continue to sustain it in the years to come. Everybody has a story about their struggle to keep hope alive. The Chronicles of Hope could allow people within the community to share their stories and ideas.

Of course, most newsletters do not work this way because the businesses or organizations that are paying to publish them want to feature only their own news and stories. The idea of a community news forum isn’t uncharted territory, but it’s new for the Hope CDA and we will see how it develops. In either case, I hope (there’s that word) that the Chronicles will continue to be a great resource for the community.

Want to find out what’s going on in East Biloxi? See the archive of current and past editions.


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