Labor Day pictures


Seth sent me some cool pictures from last Labor Day weekend’s work in New Orleans. As I described before, Seth and Emilie’s house is…

A historic “camelback” shotgun house on Louisiana Avenue, it’s surprisingly spacious and will be divided into two units; the primary apartment in the front and a rental unit in the two-story portion in the rear. A complete renovation is a huge undertaking for two people, but it will be an amazing house once it is finished. Seth and I spent the afternoon pulling up floorboards and adding new floor joists in the upstairs bedroom to create a second-story cantilevered porch.

Here are some more pictures, all taken by Emilie:


Setting cantilevered porch joists into the existing floor framing.


Sweaty, dirty, and accomplished.


Stephen and friend check out the second story window.


Celebration on the front porch.

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