Two weeks to go: A Baudoin family vacation

My younger brothers Nico and Philip came down this weekend to visit before I leave Biloxi, so we did a two-day whirlwind tour that also allowed me to cross a few things off my Gulf Coast bucket list. If you’re ever on the Gulf Coast for just two days, this wouldn’t be a bad way to spend it.

We spend Friday in New Orleans, where we visited a few restaurants that had been highly recommended, including Elizabeth’s for lunch (try the praline bacon) and Crescent Pie and Sausage Company for dinner (excellent pizza). We saw the Lower Ninth Ward’s Pittzravaganza as well as the sights of the French Quarter, and later on, we listened to some music at the Apple Barrel on Frenchman Street and walked up Bourbon Street to see the nightlife.

Saturday morning, we made a necessary stop at Café du Monde for their famous beignets and coffee. Then we took scenic Highway 90 back to Biloxi in time to catch the ferry to Ship Island, a barrier island 11 miles offshore. The weather and water were beautiful and we also toured Massachusetts, a Civil War-era brick fort on the island. Saturday night, Amanda & Seth held a barbecue, during which my ‘friend’ Will attempted to collect money to bribe my brothers to beat me up (they said they would do it for free, thanks guys). After the Saints game, we watched The Room, a truly special experience that stands out from even the worst bad movies.

Sunday, we got on bicycles to do a rambling tour of East Biloxi, stopping for bubble teas at Le Bakery and seeing many of my projects and the various other sights. Finally, we had a delicious farewell barbecue lunch at The Shed, then it was off to the airport. Ruin their lives with a bad movie — check. put them in a coma with food — check. Sounds like a success to me.

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