New tourist welcome center for Terre-de-Bas

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New tourist welcome center for Terre-de-Bas

The Office de Tourisme of Terre de Bas asked VISIONS to help convert an open-air pavilion near the port into a tourist welcome center where information about the island and its attractions could be displayed to the public as they disembarked from the ferries. Measuring just over 5 by 6.5 meters (17 by 21 feet), the existing structure included a roof, posts, and partial walls. The project entailed creating an information counter, office space, and display space that would occupy the rear two-thirds of the pavilion. This space would need to be fitted with awning windows and doors so that it could be closed and locked at night, while the remaining space would remain an open passageway.

The first step was to build three additional walls, one solid wall to display the large map of the island and other information and the remaining two fitted with windows that open during the day to give a stunning view over the port. Once these walls were completed, the team turned its efforts to building the counter, which stood about 120 cm (4 ft) high and ran 3.5 m (11 ft) along the front and 3.5 m (11 ft) along the side to enclose the office space. This counter and the built-in desk behind it required thoughtful planning and careful, precise carpentry work on the part of the students. Finally, the finishing details could be put into place: a half-height door for the office space and awning windows across the front of the counter to secure the office at night.

The pavilion was handed over to the community with the rough carpentry work completed. Our local partners will finish painting the interior and will add details of their choosing, such as a set of aluminum doors, pulleys to operate the awning windows, three glass display windows to show products of the island, and an interior finished floor.


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