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Week number 4 in Haiti, kay number 3, seems to be a week of at least two extremes. First, it’s hotter than it has been; we’re on an exposed ridge without any immediate tree cover, and the sun has been beating down. In the evenings, though, a brisk breeze begins to whip through and it cools down significantly.

The second extreme is one of beauty; this kay is in the most spectacular setting of the ones I’ve built so far. The local road, a rugged dirt track, runs along the ridge and the house is right on the road. On either side are nearly uninterrupted vistas of the two neighborhood valleys; the rising and setting of the sun illuminates each in turn. The result is that this kay is very prominent and surrounded by a spectacular backdrop.

We’re making good progress once again, aided by a very good volunteer named Duke. Once this kay is wrapped up, I’ll be taking a week and going to explore the Dominican Republic — a much-needed break.

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