Abita Savage 7

Team ippi is the Mississippi Gulf Coast’s only ultimate frisbee team. Now, I’ve been playing Tuesday night pick-up ultimate since I arrived here in Biloxi in the fall of 2007. That game, which was started through friendly competition between volunteers from Habitat for Humanity and Hands On, is still going strong 5+ years after Hurricane Katrina. But it’s a non-competitive, casual game full of beginners as well as skilled players. This January, for the first time, Biloxi’s ultimate players decided to try to find a tournament and put a competitive team together. We signed up for the Abita Savage 7, …

Off to New England

I’ll be in Boston and New Hampshire through next Thursday. Posting to this blog will not be significantly affected… because it’s been pretty lax anyway. Let me know if you’ll be in the cold wint’ry north as well.

New Orleans Bike Trip

Two days, 180 miles, Biloxi to New Orleans and back, with Jesse and two NCCC volunteers, Meredith and Liz. Perfect weather – high of 73°, sunny, light wind. Yes, you can get a (mild) sunburn in November in Mississippi, if you’re on the road for 8 hours a day. Pictures below and the full set here.

Biking to New Orleans

I’ve been thinking about a bike trip to New Orleans for a while, and this weekend it happens. The weather is sunny with a high of 74°. The 90-mile ride follows US Highway 90 across the Mississippi coast, through Bay St. Louis and Pearlington, into the lakes and wetlands and finally through East New Orleans into the city. It’s time I’m bikin’ to New Orleans I’m bikin’ to New Orleans I’m going to need two pair of shoes When I get through bikin’ to you When I get back to New Orleans –Fats Domino (Adapted)

Abita Brewery Tour

Abita is an excellent local brewery based in Abita Springs, Louisiana, just north of Lake Pontchartrain from New Orleans. Last Saturday, Sam, Molly, James, and I drove up to Abita Springs to tour the Abita brewery and, more importantly, to sample their many delicious beers (all for free). They’re all pretty good, but the one I most highly recommend, if you can get it (it wasn’t available on the tour) is the Abbey Ale.

Labor Day pictures

Seth sent me some cool pictures from last Labor Day weekend’s work in New Orleans. As I described before, Seth and Emilie’s house is… A historic “camelback” shotgun house on Louisiana Avenue, it’s surprisingly spacious and will be divided into two units; the primary apartment in the front and a rental unit in the two-story portion in the rear. A complete renovation is a huge undertaking for two people, but it will be an amazing house once it is finished. Seth and I spent the afternoon pulling up floorboards and adding new floor joists in the upstairs bedroom to create …

UVA vs. Southern Miss

Virginia college football doesn’t often come to Mississippi, but this Saturday the Cavaliers traveled to the University of Southern Mississippi to play the Southern Miss Golden Eagles. Along with non-UVa-fans Doug, Anne, and Jesse, I went up to Hattiesburg for the game. We met some Biloxi friends right by the stadium for a tailgate before the game. After leading 27-10 at halftime Virginia managed to choke and lose it 34-37. But I had a good time cheering for my team (along with tens, nay twenties of other Cavalier fans) and enjoying the experience of college football game day.

Labor Day weekend

As it should be, Labor Day weekend was full of sun and adventure (and even a little bit of labor). As part of our ongoing effort to meet new ultimate players around the coast, Doug, Jesse, Jon, the other Doug and I went to New Orleans on Sunday to play some pick-up ultimate frisbee. Meeting up with a local group, we played for several good hours on the lawn in front of Audubon Zoo. One of my goals is to spend more time in New Orleans, and a frisbee game every few weeks is a great reason to go over. …

Ultimate in Nola

To expand our small circle of Gulf Coast ultimate frisbee friends, Doug, Jesse, Alan, other Doug and I went to New Orleans on Saturday afternoon to play a couple games and spend a day in the city. We met up with a group of players from New Orleans and, despite the heat and brief rain, we had at least 14-15 people and played for about 2 hours on the Fly, a grassy area between Audobon Zoo and the levee with a great view of the Mississippi River. It was an excellent time. For anyone interested in playing with us, the …

Rural Studio

Several months back, in early May, I visited the Rural Studio for their end-of-term closing ceremonies and pig roast. A program of Auburn University’s College of Architecture, Design and Construction, the Rural Studio is embedded in rural Hale County, Alabama. Throughout Hale County, the Rural Studio puts architecture students to work designing and building creative, low-cost, high-quality solutions to the needs of rural communities. Auburn/Rural Studio alumni Jessie and Britton led us on an amazing three-day tour of this special place.