Deconstructing the Dome

Since Hurricane Katrina, the Salvation Army’s temporary dome has stood in a prominent spot on Division Street between Nichols Elementary, Yankie Stadium, and St. John AME church, housing many of the organization’s relief and recovery operations. Over the past year, as the Salvation Army wound down these operations, the dome stood there guarded by a security guard but unoccupied. This week, biking to work, I saw workers finally deconstructing the dome. Another part of the legacy of the hurricane will soon be gone. In its place will be a new Joan and Ray Kroc Corps Community Center, which will feature …

Last Lunch at Salvation Army

The Salvation Army Volunteer Village has been one of the fixtures of the volunteer hurricane relief effort here in Biloxi since shortly after Hurricane Katrina. Over the past year, they have been gradually closing down and refocusing their operations as the numbers of volunteers have fallen off. Yesterday, after nearly four years, they served their last lunch for volunteers. For those of us who have been here during the hurricane recovery process, it feels like the end of an era.