Progress on Rosetti

The inside of Patty’s house is starting to take its finished form, as the first wall and ceiling materials were installed over the holidays. Brian Stewart somehow coordinated up to 30-40 volunteers at a time to make great progress on installing the tongue-and-groove pine board that we chose for the ceilings, walls, and most of the floor. Although the material is nothing fancy — standard No.2 Southern Yellow Pine — it gives the room a very warm look, especially when the sun shines on it, and it should look great when finished:


By itself, it looks a little overwhelmingly uniform. However, the cabinets, fixtures, shelves, furniture, and areas of tile floor should make for plenty of visual contrast. We hope to keep making progress Monday, and could conceivably be done with floor, walls, and ceiling by the end of the week. More pictures after the break:



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