More houses!

Construction is happening fast! I really want to be outdoors helping build, and when I finish up my current set of plans I’ll probably see about working construction for a couple of days. Anyway, here’re a few more updates. Below, I found Mr. Lai working on his house along with Habitat (Peter and Deubs have been out there this whole week and their crew is doing some great work).

Another house that is going up is this one on Division street for Mr. Tran and his family. This is a really interesting house and is right across from our office. It was designed by Jason and features an unusual U-shaped roof that slopes inwards, collecting water that will run down the central space into a cistern. From a distance, this gentle concave roof suits the house well as it is cradled among the massive live oak trees:

Below, the center of the ‘U’ where the three sides of the roof will come together, leaving a small gap. Water will come down here along a downspout or chain of some type, to be collected in a cistern for garden use.

Connections coming together. This house is among the highest we’ve done.

Bad ass! Emily is one of the volunteers from Hands On who are rocking this house alongside Hopeforce.

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