So Legit

For America, it was yet another Monday; for me, it was my first official day of work as an intern architect in the Gulf Coast Community Design Studio! “Why so excited,” you ask, “when you’ve been working there more or less continuously since September of 2007?” Because — and this is crucial — for the past three of those months, I haven’t been paid. These are the joys of university hiring. Anyway, I’m psyched to have everything finally official. Among the many things I have this week that I didn’t have last week:

  1. A job.
  2. The expectation of a salary.
  3. Health insurance.
  4. Dental insurance.
  5. A new phone (unrelated to the job, but cool).

Mardi Gras season continues to be festive; yesterday, I spent an enjoyable afternoon in Bay St. Louis watching the Krewe of Nereids parade and hanging out at James and Sam’s excellent house. Also this weekend, I attended a lovely Valentine’s Day dinner cooked by Jessie (delicious), Brooke gave me a tour of Camp Cast Care (puddly), and I watched Almost Famous (marvelous) and Mazes and Monsters (ridiculous, amazing).

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