New house!


All good things come to an end. My house in Biloxi has taken great care of me and my roommates, but now we need to move. Never fear, though, we’re not going far — in fact, we’re literally moving across the street. And, yes, we now have a pink flamingo for a mailbox.

With Alan moving to Korea in two weeks, the new house will be made up of myself, Doug, Will (newly returned from Boston), and Sam (moving from Bay St. Louis). It’s spacious and has a nice back deck and I think we’ll fit in well.


New living room.


The new house comes complete with matching pink bathrooms upstairs & downstairs. Lovely.

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    • Yesterday, today, and tomorrow. It’s no more than 100 feet away, so it’s not a difficult move, but there’s less incentive to get it all done in one go.

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