Patty’s house is LEED Certified

Back in April, I finally wrapped up the process of getting Patty’s house LEED-certified. Today, the LEED certificate arrived in the mail. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a national third-party certification system for energy efficient, healthy, green homes. Aside from a large LEED-certified development at nearby Keesler Air Force Base, this is the first LEED-certified house in Mississippi.

GCCDS Submittal for 2009 AIA-MS Design Awards

One of my ongoing projects, Patty’s house, is the GCCDS’s entry in the AIA Mississippi 2009 Design Awards. Sponsored by the Mississippi chapter of the American Institute of Architects, The AIA Mississippi Design Awards Program seeks to encourage excellence and elevate the quality of architecture by recognizing and honoring works of distinction by its members and bring to public attention outstanding examples of architecture and design. Although I came into the project after the initial design process, I’ve worked a lot on Patty’s house and on its LEED certification, and it’s very satisfying to document the project and submit it …

Bracing for the storm

The approach of Hurricane Gustav made the mood yesterday — the third anniversary of Hurricane Katrina — especially tense. No one’s sure how severely the hurricane will affect Biloxi; although it’s tracking towards west Louisiana, it could be a Category 4 or 5 when it arrives, bringing high winds and rain, although a Katrina-like storm surge is less likely. Many residents and businesses are boarding up windows and preparing to evacuate if necessary. I helped Patty board up her windows (no small undertaking from a single 25′ ladder). Yesterday and today, at the suggestion of David Perkes, he and I …

Greenhouse Design/Build

Sergio and his students at UT Austin are not afraid of the epic roadtrip, and last Friday six of them packed themselves and a partially built greenhouse into a pickup truck and drove the 9 hours to Biloxi for a weekend of work. The result is the greenhouse above, which replaces Patty’s old plastic storage shed and gives her a place to keep her plants during the winter. Click below for more photos!

Au Revoir, FEMA Trailer

Patty’s FEMA Trailer is gone, finally freeing up the corner of her lot. I’ve never seen the property without it and it makes a big difference. Check it out. More images:

Rosetti – landscape

An update on the landscaping at Patty’s house for Sergio & students and anyone else interested. We roughly distributed several tons of fill dirt and gravel and created a front walk leading up to the concrete stair landing. There is some gravel left for the parking space (to the right, out of the frame) which we will spread out after Mississippi Power digs the trench for the power line.

Patty’s Dedication in Pictures

I promised pictures, and here they are: The completed stair, in-progress handrail, finished floors and cabinets, and of course the dedication Friday. We — Jason, Brian, Brandon, Richard, Mike, and I, as well as some great volunteers — put in a focused effort to get as much done as possible. With the help of Hands On friends — Emily, Ian, and Brian — we worked Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to disassemble the upper stair, build the lower stair, and begin the railing. Additionally, an energetic group from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro shoveled and raked several tons of …

Patty’s Dedication

What I said, more or less. Pictures to follow in a day or two. Hi everyone, I’m Vincent from the Gulf Coast Community Design Studio. My job today is to introduce you to Patty Broussard’s house and share just a few observations about the experience and meaning of building it. I’ve been working on this house since I started here in September, alongside Jason Pressgrove, who’s been working on it since the beginning of summer, and who has carried the project forward every step along the way. This house is remarkable in a number of ways; it’s set apart by …

Custom Cabinets at Rosetti

Jason spent several days last week building some sweet kitchen cabinets over at Patti’s house. They’re very simple and elegant pine cabinets that we will probably stain to keep a natural color. (Below left) The kitchen sink is ready to be installed as soon as work on the tile countertop is finished. (Right) The space for the refrigerator. All of the flooring is in as well, but I don’t have any good pictures of that because there is cardboard laid down everywhere to protect it. The electrician and plumber will be coming in and the Mississippi State students are working …

Tiling with Sergio & Studio

Our friend Sergio Palleroni and his design/build studio from the UT-Austin School of Architecture came into town on Friday to spend the weekend at Patty’s house, lending a hand with construction and studying the landscape in order to go back to Austin and build some structures to complement Patty’s garden. After getting oriented on Friday, everybody spent most of the day Saturday laying slate tile in the living room, bathroom, and laundry room. The tile is beautiful; it is also quite varied, both in coloration and thickness, which means we will need to chisel down the uneven joints. Sunday we …