Greenhouse Design/Build

Sergio and his students at UT Austin are not afraid of the epic roadtrip, and last Friday six of them packed themselves and a partially built greenhouse into a pickup truck and drove the 9 hours to Biloxi for a weekend of work. The result is the greenhouse above, which replaces Patty’s old plastic storage shed and gives her a place to keep her plants during the winter. Click below for more photos!

Sergio points out the salvaged wood doors obtained at The Green Project in New Orleans.

The slab is poured…

… and the structure goes up, under cover from the rain.

Finishing up the frame.

The finished street side of the greenhouse.

Detail of the polycarbonate and the light patterns it creates.

More detail of the inside wall. This area will eventually be filled with shelving.

Detail of the door.

Detail of the door, open.

Side view of the greenhouse.

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