Home for the Holidays

Home! And sleeping on an air mattress. Turns out I left and my parents decided to get another Dutch kid. (No, really. Jasper, a Dutch high school exchange student).

My flights went smoothly — New Orleans to Charlotte to Roanoke. On the second leg, in the type of ridiculous coincidence that suggests the universe is playing games with us all, I ran into an old UVA friend, Amanda, who was my best friend’s roommate in first year, and who has gone on to get her Master’s and is now working on Ph.D. in English. You’re making the rest of us look bad, Amanda.

Amanda and I being RA's in 2006!

Looking forward to being home. It seems like a lot of people are moving on to different things and different parts of the world, which is always a little sad, though of course cool too. So… if you’re around, let’s hang out!

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