Joining Up

It’s back to work, but not yet back into the swing of things. I shifted as of yesterday to being paid by AmeriCorps, which doesn’t change much except that I have a new weekly meeting to go to, extra paperwork, and four days of “orientation” at Hands On this week. Orientation is tedious, and I’d rather be doing work, but so it goes. I’m looking forward to this weekend, however, and to hopefully getting a new client next week.

Outside of architecture work, I want to resume learning Spanish. For now I am working on reading Los Diarios de motocicleta and may alternate with El amor en los tiempos del cólera. They are both too hard for me; to get all the vocabulary, I have to pause at every sentence to look up words. So, when I’m tired of that I read normally and sacrifice comprehension for the gist of the passage. Listening to music lyrics also helps me, particularly with pronunciation. Even better would be to find enough people for a Spanish conversation group.

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