A (Typical?) Biloxi Week


Today (Monday) : Rode my new bike to work for the first time — very exciting. Then I spent all day trying to finish up a drawing set to take in for a building permit, although I didn’t make it. After a late Oak Street steering committee meeting, I went for a very fun first judo class in Ocean Springs with Will.

Sunday: It being sunny and warm, we played Sunday football on the beach, the definite highlight of the day. Got lots of laundry done and sorted through most of my old receipts and bills and things. Also, luck struck at last and I came across a free bike at Hands On; it’s old, heavy, and wonderful.

Saturday: Woke up early enough for a run on the beach. Spent most of the day doing laundry and looking for a used bike, with no luck. Hung out with Hands On people, most of whom had been partying since early afternoon.

Friday: Nobody got much actual work done today as we spent all morning in a very useful and much-needed structural engineering workshop with Roger Roepke from Black Rock Engineering in Oregon. We all felt like we’d learned in several hours what we’ve been struggling to figure out for months.

Thursday: Work as usual, followed by seminar (I’ve been going to the weekly seminar with the Mississippi State studio). After a discussion about Gropius, we broke to eat the biggest pizzas I’ve seen (30″) and a miraculous invention, the fried Krispy Kreme donut with homemade ice cream on top. Also went to celebrate Katie’s birthday for a bit.

Wednesday: Most of Wednesday flew by with preparations for that night’s community meeting for Oak Street. We drew up five great scenarios to present (which I’ll put up soon) and the meeting was very useful, pointing to a consensus on some issues while raising new questions as well.

Tuesday: Getting back in the game after a long weekend, I’m too overwhelmed with work to even attend the regular Tuesday afternoon Americorps meeting. The other Tuesday staple, Frisbee, is also a no-go because it’s windy and cold.

And that’s it — the action-packed day-to-day experience of living here in Biloxi.


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