Mardi Gras.BLX

Yesterday was Mardi Gras, the conclusion of the Carnival season. This is the second Mardi Gras I’ve spent in Biloxi. (And Ocean Springs and New Orleans). The parade featured 120 floats and other units and an estimated 85,000 people showed up to watch.

A festive float in Mardi Gras colors.

A float in Mardi Gras colors, with people reaching to catch cheap plastic junk.

Guy Fawkes giving the V.

One of many costumed figures: Guy Fawkes giving the V.

Camel Float

A decorative camel atop one float.

Mardi Gras ninja.

Mardi Gras ninja. Invisible to the naked eye, of course, but captured on a 1/159th-second exposure.

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