Spring in Biloxi

This weekend was sunny and beautiful. Spring in Biloxi is a long, warm, tranquil season that gradually melts into summer.

This Friday, Alan and I biked around Ocean Springs; later on, a group of friends and I went to a Seawolves game, stopped in at the Pub, then watched a bad movie, Witch’s Sabbath, back at our house. On Saturday, Ocean Springs held its Mardi Gras parade (the first of the season; different cities and groups stagger their parades between now and Mardi Gras, which is the 24th). Alan, Molly, Brooke, and I met up to watch the parade go through downtown Ocean Springs, then went to Winn Dixie for picnic supplies and spent the rest of the afternoon on the beach. After dusk, we went to an excellent crawfish boil in honor of the departure of a great friend of the coast, Leo E, who’s heading home to Florida.

Mardi Gras Parade in Ocean Springs

Mardi Gras Parade in Ocean Springs (Before the accumulation of beads)

On Sunday I got a haircut, played some Scrabble, and threw the frisbee with Jon, Jesse, and Will. Later, Will and I watched a movie with Sarah and Jessie: The 13th Warrior, an interesting if flawed movie that’s not bad or low-budget enough for the Bad Movie List. A good end to a good weekend. I have one more week of semi-vacation; my first day of ‘official’ work is February 16th (I’m actually very excited to start).

By the way, in the past couple of weeks, we have acquired a new porch cat. She lives down the street, but her owner is in the hospital, and she spends most of the day hanging out at our house. By the time we found out that her name is Cashmere, we had already named her Destinee ‘Foofy’ Minxx.

Cashmere (A.k.a. Destinee 'Foofy' Minxx)

Cashmere (A.k.a. Destinee 'Foofy' Minxx)


  1. I had tried sending you my comments. Somehow I’ve lost it on the screen and don’t know if you got it.

    Regarding the name, “Design, Build, Learn and Repeat” I love it. I think of a hopscotch and hop the first three blocks for design, build and learn. Then I put one foot in each block side by side and say, “Repeat.” Works great for me.

    I may never find your blog again. Can you tell me how to just call it up on my computer? I mainly do e-mail and word processing.
    Annice Ipser annice@ipserassoc.com
    Fort Worth, TX

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