Ultimate in Nola

To expand our small circle of Gulf Coast ultimate frisbee friends, Doug, Jesse, Alan, other Doug and I went to New Orleans on Saturday afternoon to play a couple games and spend a day in the city. We met up with a group of players from New Orleans and, despite the heat and brief rain, we had at least 14-15 people and played for about 2 hours on the Fly, a grassy area between Audobon Zoo and the levee with a great view of the Mississippi River. It was an excellent time.

For anyone interested in playing with us, the Biloxi Ultimate Frisbee Facebook page is the best way to find out more.

After the game, we went back to a friend’s house, showered, and walked to Whole Foods for some snacks and dinner. At this point we were joined by Julie and Kendall, and after several hours spent debating the merits of Woodrow Wilson, trading some bad jokes, and quizzing one another on the locations of U.S. states (a quiz I bungled somewhat), we headed to the French quarter & Frenchman street area for some drinks and music.

Sunday was much quieter. The major excitement of the day came from setting up the Windows side of my newly Boot Camp-ed Macbook. For kicks, I decided to install all my old games — Starcraft, Warcraft III, Diablo II, etc. It’s a dangerous thing to do, since I’ve wasted a fair amount of time playing them, but it’s also kind of nostalgic.

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