Update: Seattle!


According to my rough calculations, around 26 million people worldwide have died while waiting for me to update this blog. In order to stop the situation from getting any worse, here’s a quick look at where I am and what I’ve been doing.

August-December, I was in Virginia, spending time in my hometown and working as a programmer for Uncork-It, a small media & communications firm. I claim no mastery of programming, but I did some interesting work in PHP to set up an internal key inventory system for a department at Virginia Tech. I learned a lot and enjoyed my excellent coworkers.

At the end of December, I made the move to Seattle, where I’m now working as a carpenter for Quirk Design & Construction. I’ll follow up with a post that goes into the details of my project, but it’s essentially the major renovation and expansion of an existing house. I arrived in time to work on the new foundation, and it will be an excellent experience to go through every step in the construction.

That’s what’s up! Come visit me in the Pacific Northwest, friends. It’s pretty sweet.

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