Railing Brainstorming

Thought I’d put some railing ideas out there. We’re trying to find a way to make the railing a special part of the house without it becoming too expensive or complicated. Some of our design objectives include:

  1. Use thinner or visually lighter members so you can see through the railing when you’re sitting down.
  2. Provide some kind of visual screening/privacy (directly conflicts with #1, but might be achieved by some partial or movable screening or by a trellis/vine system).
  3. Give the railing enough dimension for potted plants and so on.
  4. Visually and materially coordinate with rest of house.

I’ve drawn up a couple ideas involving a wood handrail and vertical stainless steel cables which could extend all the way up to the roof in places. Around the stairwell, they could also extend all the way down to integrate with the stair handrail.



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  1. Hey Vincent-

    The house looks BADASS!!! Keep up the good work!!

    So I don’t know if someone told you but i remember people talking about using the wind as a conceptual point of departure. Maybe there are some metallic items on site that you can simply attach onto the cables that can spin or jingle when the wind blows. Tessa had found a lot of broken pieces of blue glass and made a sweet looking mosaic

    Or maybe just keep going off of the tree idea with some vine/trellis system like you suggested. Patty would probably love to help select certain plants.

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