Friday Afternoon Refuses To End

As a way to pass the terribly dull hours of Friday afternoon, let’s wrap up what’s been going on this week:

  • Compiled a spreadsheet of all the property on Oak Street (above) to help us determine what properties might need zoning changes or help rebuilding. Perversely, this was a lot of fun.
  • Piles were driven for Hung’s house on Crawford Street (see previous post). Apparently, they ran into just about every obstacle under the sun, including a huge taproot about 6 feet down, but succeeded in the end.
  • My floor plans for the Nguyen family (a four-bedroom house just across the street from Hung’s) went through a major revision to better take advantage of their wide lot. Now I’m figuring out a roof plan that will suit the house.
  • Drew up the first design recommendation of the Moss Point Downtown Redevelopment Committee (click on “Denny Street Relocation” on the left, that’s all me!)
  • Sergio Palleroni and five students from the University of Texas at Austin will be here this weekend to work at Patty’s, installing a greenhouse that they began constructing at home and hopefully helping out with some other work that needs to be done.

Looking forward to the weekend. Among other things, I get to help teach some kids how to play frisbee, and go to an awesome garden party at the Wisteria Estates!guyen

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